About me

Welcome or Tervetuloa kanssakäyminen luntaics, as they say In Finland!

My name is Josh Walker and I am a metalhead in all but appearance. In appearance I am more of a dick.

I have a ferret called Ozzy (after the Prince of Darkness) and a sister called Maddie (after mad people).

My main hobbies are playing the guitar (well), lifting weights (badly), listening to death metal, growing my hair, ferrets, YouTube and Facebook. I also hang out with my mates Davey, Ollie and Peter. This is harder than it sounds given they have more issues than The Daily Telegraph.

I have 8 GCSE’s although no one believes this for some reason. Even my so-called mother thinks I bribed the exam boards!

Anyway please send in your random stories, lyrics and pics. I am especially interested in stories/pics of ferrets, girls, Ozzy Osbourne lookalikes, girls, tattoos, girls, owls in hats, girls etc. Also please send any tips for easy, painless ways to increase muscles, thanks!


This is not me, it is a ferret

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