Buy my diary!

If you’d like to read more from the wondrous screwed up place that is my brain then why not buy my diary which I have somehow managed to get published? You can do so direct from the publisher (Curious Fox), or via Amazon and other online book sellers. You can read some reviews here

Facebook Ferret Freebie!

Would you like a personalised, signed, limited edition and all-round awesome Facebook Ferrets book mark? Email me a copy of your Amazon (or other) proof of purchase, plus your name and address and I will send you one! One day these could be worth millions and in the meantime they are quite useful for marking where you’ve got up to in books.

Half my Facebook friends are ferrets, front cover

Half my Facebook friends are ferrets – UK Cover

Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets - US cover

Half my Facebook Friends are Ferrets – US cover





Book blurb:
Things to do before I turn 16:
  1. Kiss a female who is not a relative, very old, very young or covered in fur.
  2. Master “One” by the legendary Metallica.
  3. See Children of Bodom live.
  4. Own the Randy Rhoads Flying V Jackson guitar with blue ghost flames.
  5. Get something pierced or tattooed.
  6. Be half as cool as people say my dad was.
Josh Walker – AKA Josh the Destroyer – has rock ‘n’ roll dreams, but his mum won’t even let him grow his hair long. His best friends are either geeks or nerds (they haven’t decided yet) and he’s had precisely zero Valentine’s Day cards in his life. Will he ever live up to the cool, tough dad he’s never known?
Save animals!

If you do buy my diary you will not only be doing me a good turn but lots of animals too! This is cos some of the money from the book goes to help rescued pets like ferrets, cats and dogs at the amazing Wood Green Animal Shelter in London. Last year they cared for over 5,500 lost and unwanted animals! So, Facebook Ferrets = good read, good deed!

Wood Green Animal Shelter

Wood Green Animal Shelter


Buy the book or the ferret gets it.

  NB. Josh is a fictional character in the book Half My Facebook Friends are Ferrets, written by J.A. Buckle. Follow her on twitter for book news, new blog posts by Josh, random animal silliness and more 🙂

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