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OK, so here we are at that lovely time of year when the weather suddenly gets really sunny and hot and everyone not aged 16 – 21 is out and about having fun, i.e. exam time 😦

I have my first exam tomorrow and I have done 0 hours revision. At least that’s what I’m telling everyone. I can’t tell them the truth, that I’ve made so many notes my mum had to forcibly prise my pen from my hideously deformed fingers, because if I fail people will think I’m swotty and dumb. Which is definitely not a good combination.

Anyway, I take a two minute break from revising the chemical reactions of aldehydes (possibly even more boring than it sounds) to check over my appearance in the mirror. Hmm, not good. Partly this is because it never is, but also there’s the fact that I haven’t brushed my hair or changed my clothes in three whole days. Added to this, I have dark circles under my eyes from mass caffeine ingestion and a whole minefield of spots on my face from mass Snickers ingestion.

Yesterday, Davey, who used to get even more worried about exams than me, emailed over a few de-stressing tips which I finally make the time to look at. They are:

1 – Go outside and take some breaths of fresh air. (Be careful not to get run over by a bus!)
2 – Put on your favourite song and dance around like a crazy idiot (Don’t break your arm – at least not the one you write with!)
3 – Google some images of things that make you happy. (Don’t electrocute yourself by spilling liquid on your keyboard!)

I like number 3 so I carefully move my coffee well away from the keyboard and Google some pictures of baby ferrets. Do I feel calmer? Yes, a little 🙂

There again, I suddenly can’t remember the first thing about the reactions of aldehydes! The baby ferrets have pushed the chemistry info out of my brain! Why is Davey telling me to look up non-exam related stuff on the internet? He wants me to fail is why!!

10 minutes later…

OK, so I have been outside and taken some deep breaths. I have re-revised the aldehyde stuff and think I can remember it. Phew, panic over.

If you have any tips (preferably better than Davey’s) for dealing with exam stress, please let me know in the comments. And if you are unlucky enough to also have exams soon, then good luck. If you’re anything like me you’re probably gonna need it!